Mumbai Environmental Social Network (MESN) established in April 2005 is a Trust under Bombay Charity Act. The organisation is an important Think Tank in the city of Mumbai working on various urban issues such as solid waste management, road based public transport, transport demand management, development of public spaces, slum upgradation, etc.

At MESN, it is an important part of our work to promote sustainable practices in building cities by engaging with various stakeholders during project implementation, through speakerships at forums and writing in media.

MESN has developed public spaces in the poorest neighbourhood supported by UN Habitat which has received international recognition. The organisation is working extensively with MCGM for GIS based mapping and planning of infrastructure in slum areas. MESN has designed and developed way finding maps at various Metro station to encourage walking and reduce crowding around station areas. MESN has also developed web and SMS based comprehensive solutions for car pooling. BBC had produced a small documentary on the said car pool efforts. The organisation has received the prestigious ‘Volvo Sustainable Mobility Award’ in 2013 for making bus stops in Mumbai intelligent and informative for passengers.


To improve economic competitiveness of cities by promoting sustainable design solutions for quality public spaces, affordable housing and efficient mobility prioritizing walking, cycling and use of public transport is the mission of MESN. The organisation believes in inclusive planning with stakeholder engagement and participation at the core of the design, development and implementation process.

Universal agenda on sustainable development 2030 and its 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), will soon be collectively adopted by world leaders. MESN is proud to be part of the process. By being part of both the first and second preparatory committee of the third United Nations conference (Habitat III) focusing on ‘Goal 11 -Make cities and human settlements safe, inclusive, resilient and sustainable.’

As Associate Partners of World Urban Campaign and UN Habitat, MESN is supporting and promoting the sustainable cities and urban communities worldwide.

MESN's focus area of slum upgradation, land use and mobility, waste management and public space development are completely in alignment with SDGs-11 which is a Global Agenda on Sustainable Cities.