Under Pass to Reduce Right Turning Conflict at Peddar Road Back

Location: Peddar Road, Mumbai
Year: 2011


Census projection clearly indicates negative growth of 5% in the island city with commercial market falling. Fortunately the City Centre is shifting towards north, is a welcome situation for Mumbai which has suffered having City Centre in the extreme south.

The Pedder road leading to South City Centre, being extremely narrow for the traffic volume, is unfit for any flyover construction.

The survey by MESN shows that 86% PCU of all vehicles using Pedder road are cars/taxi which requires only 2.5m of clear height as against the proposed 5.5 m clear height of flyover. Thus, with much less ramp length; shorter, narrower underpass is very space efficient compared to proposed flyover.

This will also help reduce the vehicular speed, making junctions more calmer. Further, with no vertical intrusion like a flyove; it will not impact the skyline of historic Haji Ali junction.

Also the intervention will help in creating no negative spaces under the flyover.