Making Neighborhoods Walkable and Cyclable at Bandra West Back

Location: Bandra West, Mumbai
Year: 2011


Mumbai is a unique city which is tied by railways on western, eastern and also on harbor side in the north south direction.

Most of the suburbs grew around the station areas. Though the population growth is now extended till the highways which runs almost parallel on western and eastern sides; a large number of population is attracted to private transport which is taking up huge road space leading to traffic jams.

Also there are still many dependent on public transport where buses, autos act as main feeder system to reach stations. All these motorized transport are claiming most all the road space and squeezing the pedestrians and cyclist making their journey very difficult and unsafe.

It is therefore important to improve the access for pedestrians and cyclist as they occupy much lesser space and offer greener and healthier mode of transport.

For distances between 3- 5 km radius from the station areas, cycling and walking should be promoted.

Even if 20-30% of commuters switch to these healthy modes, it will help reduce traffic pressure and create healthy environment.