Preparation of Traffic, Road and Footpath Inventory for High Traffic Areas in Mahim & Bandra

Location: Mahim Flyover to Guru Nanak Chowk(turner road Junction), SV Road, Turner Road, Pali Naka Junction to Hill Road Junction at St.Peter’s Church, St. Peter Church to Lucky rest. Hill Road, Area outside Bandra (W) Station
Year: 2014


To study the current status of traffic, conditions and use of road and footpaths and its utilization in a busy and energetic part of Bandra west from the suburban station thru Hill Rd and via Turner Rd back to the station.

To make the study very objective and not impressionistic we used the videography to survey not only traffic counts but also the road and footpath space inventory.

Road inventory showed junctions, joining lanes, bus stops & Rickshaw and taxi stands, and parked vehicles. for above marked road stretches. Footpath inventory showed length of the footpaths, number of building openings, light meter boxes, planters, street lights.

The condition & quality of footpaths, no of potholes stretches which require repairs and the modification of footpaths. We believed that using quantification for specific items will help us plan micro improvements in a precise manner.