Conceptual Design and Development

MESN’s core expertise is to understand key issues and concerns in the urban areas, map, analyse and work out tangible solutions. The organisation provides a range of services starting from project conception till its execution. These solutions are often worked out in consultation with various stakeholders such as government, non government agencies, communities and consultants thus making them more meaningful and feasible. The process of design and development is carried out in a participatory manner. The participatory approach is time consuming but has been helpful in developing sustainable design solutions.


Participatory Planning

MESN has a strong focus on participatory planning and has implemented various projects with engagement of communities and other stakeholders. We have developed various models to reach out to various stakeholders to ensure their involvement in the planning, design & development and also in the maintenance of the public spaces. We believe that, to make urban planning and design meaningful and to enhance sense of ownership and belonging; it is important to engage the communities in the planning process.



At MESN, we document every stage of the project as we believe that the documentation is very important for measuring project outcomes and sharing its learning’s. This is carried out in various forms such as reports, videos, power point presentations, photo documentation, etc.


GIS Mapping and Planning

MESN provides services related to GIS mapping, analysis and planning support for comprehensive mapping of density, land use, social infrastructure ,physical infrastructure ,solid waste management, commuting pattern and built structure both at macro and micro levels. We also map activities such as parking, hawking, traffic-vehicular and pedestrian flows and intensity during peak hours for efficient and optimal use of public areas.


Feasibility Studies

We provide Feasibility Studies for various physical infrastructures such as lying of sewer lines, public toilets and also public space development works. The feasibility studies are based on comprehensive mapping and SWOT analysis of existing conditions and interacting with the local residents.


Graphic design

We provide graphic design services of international standards for developing information systems to improve walkability, access to public transport and awareness for waste segregation and management. We have also designed graphics for better use of public spaces.


IT based application

MESN has developed mobile based mapping applications in association with ‘Riddhi Services’ to get real time information of existing condition of census, social, physical infrastructure, built and unbuilt environment, traffic conditions of neighbourhood/slum areas for up gradation and development.

We have developed various IT based applications to improve mobility in the city like for car pooling which was featured in BBC documentary. Our Associate and trustee Mr. Chetan Temkar has developed ‘Smart Sheher’, for information on public transport and ‘Jump In Jump Out’, to ensure there is no empty seat to beat the horrific traffic jams.