GIS Based Macro and Micro Mapping of Infrastructure in Slum Areas of ME, MW, L & S Wards, Mumbai Back

Location: ME, MW, L & S Wards, Mumbai
Year: 2015


Macro mapping will identify main infrastructure that is transport, water lines, drains, sewer lines along with all available public facilities and amenities.

Micro mapping will be taken up in phase-wise manner. Base map will be developed with total station survey and condition analysis of various land uses and infrastructure facilities. This will help to generate quantitative and qualitative GIS data with precise areas, quantities and condition of road, passage, drain etc.

This will help to undertake up-gradation work in a more professional and transparent manner.

Detailed mapping will also encourage integrated approach and inter-agency coordination for undertaking various slum improvement projects.

Analysis will identify per capita availability of open spaces and other land uses. It will also identify number of persons per toilet seat. This analysis will help the municipal corporation to prioritize the up- gradation work and provide for those services where the condition is very poor.

Most of the houses in the selected slum having private toilets are connected to the sewer line constructed by the local residents with the help of either local corporators or corporation. Unfortunately most of the connections finally end into the nalla or in open, creating environmental and health hazard. This has created a serious health concern.

In wake of this problem, Municipal Corporation has commissioned MESN to carry out feasibility study to understand if there is a possibility of providing safe sewer connection to all houses to encourage people to build private toilets for better health and hygiene.