Slum Upgradation

The slum areas differ with respect to their locations, terrain, density, height of built form, socio-cultural setup, vulnerability to hazard, access to infrastructure, etc. Due to these characteristics, each slum area is different and need different solution. For example, the location of certain slum areas is prone to natural hazards. In such cases they need to be relocated in safe areas, whereas in cases where the location is not vulnerable to any hazard and is requires to continue the employment preferences of the community, the slum improvement insitu is to be preferred. read more

MESN’s Approach

The slum free action plan indicates insitu upgradation of slums as the preferred option with no or minimum demolition of houses. In many south American cities where a large section of population lives in slums, have successfully adopted slum up-gradation as a strategy to improve the city’s living conditions. read more


Flagship Projects