Waste Management at Residential Colonies at Makarand Society, Mahim Back

Location: Makarand Society, Mahim, Mumbai
Year: 2005 - 2015


It was one of the early housing societies following ‘Stree Mukti Sanghatana’ model for housing societies where trained women help households maintain segregated waste and allow to mature bio degradable waste in alternating bins and produce manure in a 90 day cycle.

Dry waste is separately handled by these women reducing the load on municipal collection system to a tenth of what mixed waste requires in an entirely zero smell environment. This habit has survived for last 12 years. 120 flats produce 80 kg of food waste and about 100 kg of dry waste. This experiment was the first impulse for MESN.

The waste management project at Makarand society was implemented in 2005. It is an award winning project. It has also been documented by BBC for the best practices.