Awareness and Waste Management at Gautam Nagar R&R colony, Govandi Back

Location: Gautam Nagar R&R colony, Govandi, Mumbai
Year: 2015


Gautam Nagar is an R&R colony with an approximate density of over 4,500 PPH. It is one of the poorest areas in Mumbai. The entire colony has a worn out look with garbage littered everywhere and particularly in the building gullies and drains.

The building services are in extremely poor condition with leaking sewer pipes directly flowing on to the alleyways. This terrible state coupled with people throwing solid waste into the alleys has created a very serious health and hygiene condition.

MESN is working with UN Habitat and MMRDA on a public space development project. The phase-1 of this project is to create awareness regarding cleanliness and working out mechanisms to encourage people to manage their waste in an appropriate manner.