BEST Bus Route Maps at 70 bus stops all over Mumbai Back

Location: 70 bus stops all over Mumbai
Year: 2014


Mumbai, the financial capital of India and a mega city with a population of 13 million people is spread over a vast area of 440 The city offers transportation with a network of suburban trains, buses, Intermediate Public Transport (IPT) such as taxis and auto-rickshaws, apart from privately owned vehicles.

Over the years, the increase in population and number of vehicles has put tremendous pressure on the city’s infrastructure. Roads are facing severe congestion as the usage of private vehicles, auto-rickshaws and taxis has increased tremendously. Suburban rails are also carrying passengers almost 3 times its carrying capacity. However, though the use of all other modes has increased, the use of buses over a period of time has decreased. Despite having a vast network, buses either run empty or less than capacity on many of its routes, both during peak and off peak hours.

MESN, took up the cause and set an objective to promote the use of buses and increase its ridership by studying and implementing an easy, quick and achievable solution like providing bus route information at bus stops to encourage people to use the system that can address the needs of passengers and patronize the use of buses. This step is envisaged to initiate a virtuous cycle for several further reforms beyond better, smoother, frequent, and predictable bus service as well as integrated ticketing with various other options such as:

  • Electronic system which provides information at the stop and on the mobile phones of the bus real time arrival,
  • Bus priority at the bottlenecks,
  • Kerb lane wherever possible,
  • BRTS