Way finding Maps at Metro station at Andheri, Ghatkoper, Sakinaka, Versova Back

Location: Andheri, Ghatkopar, Sakinaka and Versova Metro Stations, Mumbai
Year: 2015


People have lost pride in walking and do not feel dignified to use very poor quality and very crowded pedestrian infrastructure. The growing sedentary lifestyle with increased dependency on motorized transport is on the other hand making people unhealthy. Also growing air pollution with increased private vehicles is impacting respiratory heath. In order to tackle this key barrier for way/ route finding, MESN with BCPRF support; has proposed way-finding maps for commuters, visitors and tourist in public interest. These maps will integrate all the transport modes.

The initiative was taken by MESN to encourage people to walk. The objective was to provide pedestrians with a guide to the streets having information about various transport modes, landmarks, important buildings, public facilities, etc.

The maps provides information about important buildings, landmarks and public facilities within 5-10 min walking distance. This will help the commuters to make a choice and select the next mode of transport. This is done in some leading cities of the world and it can be a small beginning for making Mumbai more accessible to the citizen, visitors and tourists.

These maps will improve legibility and overall geographic literacy and also encourage many commuters to opt for walking and burn calories instead of getting into motorized transport and add to congestion and pollution problems of the city.

We think such tangible initiatives, which will put pressure on government to provide better infrastructure and other urban design requirements; essential for improving walkability in the city; needs to be encouraged.