Way Finding

Every commuter is a pedestrian, even if one is using his or her private vehicle or traveling by trains or buses, one needs to commute on foot either to reach the final destination or to the next mode of transport. In absence of quality pedestrian infrastructure, people have lost pride in walking. Also the growing sedentary lifestyle with increased dependency on motorized transport; is making people unhealthy. read more

In absence of information about the important near by locations, which are actually within walking distances, people resist walking not knowing how long it will take them to reach and prefer to get into auto or taxi where the driver can help them to their destination without much hassle.

Providing way finding information is an essential part of pedestrian infrastructure to encourage people to walk.

The only road public transport available in Mumbai city is BEST buses which are severely affected by growing private transport as they are stuck in traffic and are not able to complete required number of trips impacting their efficiency. Also in the absence of information about the bus routes, people avoid taking buses.

The first step to improve access to public transport is to provide route information as it will encourage people to use the system.

Absence of way finding information is discouraging the people to use public transport and walk. This increases the dependency on private transport which increase pollution and congestion on the roads.

Way finding maps integrated with real time traffic information, guides the passenger to assess traffic volumes and flows which are useful for selection of the routes. It can help to divert the inward traffic thereby easing out the traffic at the transport nodes.

Way Finding Information System will help to achieve following objectives

  • Improve access to public transport network
  • Improve access to public transport network
  • Create safer environments
  • Encourage people to use healthier and more sustainable modes of transport
  • Enhance the public realm
  • Reduce road traffic congestion and exhaust emissions
  • Boost local business by increasing passing trade
  • Enhancing the visitor experience and encouraging repeat visits to local attractions
  • Improve legibility and overall geographic literacy
MESN’s Approach

In order to tackle this key barrier for way finding for commuters, visitors and tourist, MESN in public interest, with the support of BEST, MMRDA, BCCI,BCPRF and Metro one; has proposed way-finding maps at various bus stops and Metro stations. read more


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